Continuous Band Sealers

thumbnail Continuous Band Sealers (881BS / 882BS / 883BS)
thumbnail HPL 500 D

Continuous Band Sealers

Model: 881BS / 882BS / 883BS

Portable horizontal band sealer - one quarter seize ; ideal for short bags - aiming at wide or thick of band sealer, conveyor speed: 0-12 M (per minute), material thickness up to 0.4mm, emboss alpha numeric information. 881BS adjustable accessories, speed control, embossing wheel, heat controls and repair kit.
Optional imprinter available- ME-665 HS.
This versatile portable horizontal band sealer is virtually the same machine as the one listed above but is one quarter the size. This unit is ideal for short bags that are wide or thick enough to require the need of a band sealer. Conveyor speed 0~40 ft. per minute, material thickness up to 20 mil and unlimited length. This unit can also emboss alpha numeric information on seal. The AIE-B6201 is completely adjustable. Comes equipped with speed control, embossing wheel, heat controls and repair kit. Embossing printing wheel and type optional.


Model 881BS 882BS 883BS
Max.Seal Width 10mm 10mm 10mm
Max.Depth Seal 40mm 40mm 40mm
Watts 550W 550W 550W

Continuous Band Sealer

HPL 500 D

Rotary welding machine for thermoplastic film.

  • High sealing capacity due to rotary operation mode
  • Machine is automatically switched off if the welding temperature deviates beyond the tolerance
  • Constant contact pressure, even with different film thicknesses for constant and reproducible results
  • Any variation of film length, width and suitable for gusseted pouches and reels
  • Simple operation through digital controller

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