Shrink Tunnel & Optional Features

For biq quantity of product, it needs a fully capable heat shrink tunnel rather than using a heat shrink tools in order to be faster and productive. The industrial heat shrink tunnel use heat to shrink a shrink wrap bag around the product and use conveyor to move the product for continuous feeding. Heat shrink tunnel are often used in conjunction with an semi-automatic or fully automatic shrink sealer. Or it can be a stand-alone unit too.

Do you need heat sealer for a complete shrink wrapping system to enhance the productivity? Click here to check out various type of heat sealers from 10 pkgs/min up to 100 pkgs/min.

Or do you need economical, simple and comprehensive shrink wrapping system for small / low production such as bakery packaging? Click here to check what we offer.

thumbnail Benison Shrink Tunnel (DS Series)
thumbnail Ouya Shrink Tunnel (APT-6040PE I / APT-6040PE II)
thumbnail Ouya Shrink Tunnel (APT-1810 & APT-1810/2)

Benison Shrink Tunnel (DS Series)


Model DS-400
Voltage 400 VAC 3ø
Machine Dimension 1500 x 630 x 1560 mm
Tunnel Dimension 900 x 400 x 200 mm
Heater Power 9 KW
Max Temp in Tunel 200 °C
Motor AC 40W x 1
AC 1/2HP x 1
Conveyor Speed 0 - 30 M/min

Ouya Shrink Tunnel

APT-6040PE I / APT-6040PE II

  • Top and bottom Fans recycling system
  • Live roller rod conveyor (net conveyor as an option)
  • Conveyor speed variable by frequency inverter
  • Digital temperature control
  • With cooling fan at the end of tunnel
  • Metal heating element, long durable and easy maintenance


Model APT-6040PE I APT-6040PE II
Max. Conveyor Speed 15M/min. 20M/min.
Machine Dimension 2200 x 970 x 1600 mm 2800 x 970 x 1600 mm
Tunnel Dimension 1200 x 600 x 400 mm 1800 x 600 x 400 mm
Power 9 KW 12 KW
Voltage 380V/3ph 380V/3ph

Ouya Shrink Tunnel

APT-1810 & APT-1810/2

  • Thermal circulation system using heat integrated design, rapid temperature raise up
  • In One heating zone, controlled by SSR and PID “OMRON” temperature controller, temperature tolerance +/- 1 Celsius
  • Adopt metal heater
  • Conveyor motor 400W, controlled by frequency inverter, speed adjustable 10-40 m/min
  • CE certification


Model APT-1810 APT-1810/2
Voltage 380 VAC 3ø 380 VAC 3ø
Machine Dimension 1655 x 830 x 1555 mm 2455 x 1020 x 1530 mm
Tunnel Dimension 1000 x 450 x 250 mm 1800 x 450 x 250 mm
Power 9.5 KW 18 KW
Coupling L-Sealer AP-1622A

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