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Impulse Auto Sealers

AI Series

This sealer is designed for the continuous sealing of thermoplastic films such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Controlled by a plug-in transistorized circuit board, electronic timers and the uniform pressure provided by an electromagnet. These models eliminate operator error in the sealing operation. Once the correct control settings have been programmed, consistent seals are maintained automatically, making the last seal as perfect as the first. The automatic sealer is ideal for sealing operations in packaging candies, food, stationery, drugs, tools, replacement parts and a variety of other products. Includes an electric foot pedal for manual operation.


Model 350/355/3510AI 450/455/4510AI 600/605/6010AI 800/805/8010 1000AI/1005AI
Max. Seal Length 350mm(14") 450mm(18") 600mm(24") 800mm(32") 1000mm(40")
Max.Seal Width 2.5mm/5mm/10mm 2.5mm/5mm/10mm 2.5mm/5mm/10mm 2.5mm/5mm/10mm 2.5mm/5mm
Watts 650/1000/1200W 750/1200/1500W 950/1500/19000W 1200/1900/2500 1600/2400W

Bi-Active Impulse Auto Sealers

FDA Series

Heavy duty, single or double, automatic or manual impulse heat sealer. Seals up to 20mil gusseted or regular thermoplastic film. Separate programmable timers for material thickness, congealing, and operating cycle. Create perfect seals every time. Foot switch included for manual operation. Available in 5mm and 10mm sealing widths


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